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Ever since the first grape was picked and the first cacao bean harvested, chocolate and wine were meant to be together.

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wine and chocolate

Perfect for beginners or for experienced chocolate tasters, Boston Chocolate School’s Chocolate and Wine class will teach you how to expertly pair wine and chocolate, creating new and unexpected tastes that delight the senses.  Learn everything there is to know about chocolate, how to pair it with fine wine and sample 4 specially-created pairings.  

About Chocolate And Wine Events

wine and chocolate

Our Chocolate and Wine class features a four-sample gourmet chocolate and wine tasting.

Each wine is expertly selected to complement and enhance the nuanced flavor of the high-end chocolate. Deep dark chocolate is suddenly spicy and warm with cinnamon notes. Milk chocolate is smooth and creamy with a subtle floral finish.

You will learn how to develop your own unique palette to sense new flavors and notes. From stone ground, organic chocolate to delicate truffles, our samples will vary month to month and season to season.

This is a casual, but elegant event, perfect for after work with co-workers or a night with friends at your location or the location of your choice. The tasting lasts for about 1.5 hours, depending on group size and interactivity.

Event features:
* Fruit & Cheese
* Welcome glass of wine
* Learn about how chocolate is made, ‘from bean to bar’
* (4) seasonal chocolate and wine pairings


$1,250 up to 20 people

21 – 30 people add $60pp

31 – 40 add $55pp

Be sure to reserve your date – Chocolate and Wine is a popular choice for bachelorette parties, dinner parties, corporate events and more!  This class, of course, is for those 21 & over!


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