Chocolate Madness: Beer + Chocolate Pairings

Angel’s Breath Belgian Ale (ABV: 12.0%) + NYSM Be Crunchy (or) Harbor Sweets’ Sweet Sloops

Hints of banana and clove in the nose and tastes of dried fruit matched with almond and coconut of Be Crunchy (or) white chocolate and almond buttercrunch of Sweet Sloops. Both perfect matches for this fruity beer.

Angel’s Breath Quadrupel Belgian Ale is so good that taste-testers asked where Donovan’s Trappist Monastery is located!

angelbe crunchysloops

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Wayne’s Wee Heavy (ABV: 11.0%, Scottish ale) + NYSM Be Rich

The rich chocolate caramel combination (with a hint of Himalayan Sea Salt) matches the malt profile of Wayne’s Wee Heavy with notes of toffee, raisin, and chocolate, and a hint of prune and dried apricot in the finish.

Donovan created this beer as a Christmas present for his father, Wayne, who really loves a good Scottish ale. Donovan went all out, using not just traditional ingredients but also the traditional technique. This beer is best enjoyed at cellar temperatures in a snifter.

waynesnysm be rich

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Get Your Chocolate And Beer Here

dtr brewery logoDown The Road Brewery

Boston’s newest nano brewery focused on bringing you the best local beers you’ve ever had.┬áThe mission of Down The Road Brewery is to create beers that strike a balance between history, tradition and innovation.

nysm logoNot Your Sugar Mamas

NYSM uses cacao in all of their products because of it’s mood lifting properties, ability to enhance energy and it’s the highest antioxidant food in the world.

harbor sweets logoHarbor Sweets

In 1973, Ben Strohecker challenged himself to create the “best piece of candy in the world”, regardless of cost. The result from his kitchen was the Sweet Sloops.

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