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Good Food Hunting: Spices, Witches and Chocolate Cake

By Kat Nielsen By now you’re asking, what on earth is she writing about this time? Well, I can tell you that all three of these things have quite a bit in common. Hear me out. Healers are typically defined as practitioners of alternative medicine, basically it’s our terminology here in America for medicine as […]

Cinnamon Chocolate Almonds

One of the tour guides for Boston Chocolate Tours always opens up her tour with a question. It gives everyone a chance to get to know one another when you answer “what’s your favorite kind of chocolate?” Are you a milk chocolate kind of guy, are you a nuts and dark chocolate kind of girl? […]

Brownie Batter Dip

Brownie Batter Dip is an appetizer, great party food and serious craving satisfier. It’s chocolate in the most versatile form. I watch many a food trends, and in 2013 there were quite a few that stood out that cater to the home cook. One was dips, and the other was salty/sweet combinations such as with […]

Recipe: Peanut Butter Crispy Bars

There is nothing quite like a Reese’s. Yes of course there’s stuff in there that probably isn’t so good for you, but who cares! It’s delicious!!! Keeping that in mind, people love chocolate and peanut butter. It’s a magical combination that always delights a crowd. Doesn’t adding some texture like crunchy Rice Krispies and some […]

Get Free Shipping on Boston Chocolate Tours Gift Vouchers for the Holidays

Use code FREESHIP and provide a US mailing address (in the 48 contiguous states) to purchase the gift of a Boston chocolate experience this holiday season. We’ll ship you one of our limited edition printed vouchers. Gift Vouchers | Use code FREESHIP To apply this offer and receive your gift voucher before Christmas, orders must be […]

Plan a chocolate event with us!

Our regularly-scheduled tours and workshop offerings are spreading to an ever-growing list of cities. But wherever you may live, or whatever the destination for your getaway/conference/whatever, let Taste of Chocolate provide the indulgent fun. Customized events include:   Private chocolate tastings Chocolate-themed scavenger hunts Evenings of Chocolate & Wine Bachelorette and birthday parties 2 great […]

Code 10

Code 10 is police speak for a meal break. If you are looking for comfort food, at a reasonable price, look no further. They offer a full menu all day long – using the freshest ingredients with exceptional service. Their restaurant, with a casual cafe atmosphere with indoor and outdoor seating, is located on Washington Street in Boston’s […]

Gourmet Boutique

The inspiration for Gourmet Boutique stems from the owner’s passion for travel.  Wandering aimlessly through charming boutiques and patisseries and becoming absorbed in the slower place of life is all part of the joy of travel.  It is with this idea in mind that they search the world for visually stunning and mouthwatering products to […]

Teuscher of Switzerland

Teuscher Chocolates was founded in the Swiss mountainside in 1932 and their signature creation, the Champagne Truffle, has been appreciated around the world for over 65 years. Despite the technology involved in today`s food manufacturing processes, their Champagne Truffle is still being crafted just as it always has been, using only the purest and highest […]


Lindt Maîtres Chocolatiers develop and refine their unique secret recipes with absolute devotion. The trademark Lindt is the guarantee for premium chocolate of distinct smoothness, characteristic taste, and innovative flair. Every single piece is created by their unmatched passion for high-quality chocolate. It’s a tradition the Lindt Maîtres Chocolatiers have carried on since 1845. Visit […]