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Contest Winners–What Would You Trade For a Chocolate Tour?

Early last summer, we here at Boston Chocolate Tours ran a contest on Facebook where we asked our fans what they would trade for two free tickets to a chocolate tour of their choosing. While we had many creative and enticing entries, including quite a few wives offering their husbands as free labor, the winner […]

In The Kitchen with Ariel: Cinco de Mayo Cake!

With Cinco de Mayo right around the corner, why not take this Mexican holiday to spice up your life? Like any other holiday, we can see no better way to celebrate than with chocolate! Since it was the Mexican heritage that brought us chocolate in the first place, who better to look to for a […]

In The Kitchen with Ariel: Your Very Own Cupcake Crawl Cupcakes

To celebrate the re-launch of our Cupcake Crawl this spring, we’ve decided that there’s no better way to say goodbye to winter and head into the season than with some gooey treats! Judging by the amount of sold out tours we have every year, we know how much everyone loves cupcakes! And, being the home […]

Chocolate Critters

Is your New Year’s resolution to be a little more daring?  To try something new?  To challenge yourself?  If so, we’ve got the perfect goal for you. Eat a chocolate covered bug. Gulp. We’re not even sure if we can do it.  But there are a lot of great reasons to start munching away. Insects […]

Taste of Chocolate Festival – Harvard Square

Harvard Square Chocolate Festival Harvard Square’s finest restaurants and cafés will embark upon a three-day Chocolate extravaganza! Join us January 27 – 29, 2012. Chocolate lovers rejoice! The Harvard Square Business Association and Harvard Square Chocolate Tours are pleased to announce the 2nd Annual Chocolate Festival! This three day event includes Dining in the Dark […]

Chocolate’s Rich History

Not only is chocolate delicious, but it has a rich history as well. The first to discover the cacao pod were actually monkeys!  Contained inside the cacao pod is not only the cocoa beans from which our favorite chocolate products are derived, but also a sweet, white pulp that encompasses the beans. The pulp is […]

New Chocolate Trends

There are some unique chocolate products that have come about this year.  If ever you are looking for a twist on your daily fix, check out any of the items listed below: Cookies and Corks offers a new way to enjoy wine and chocolate-with cookies!  There are three boxes, each with a different wine as […]

Is White Chocolate Chocolate?

Some people will argue white chocolate is not actually chocolate.  It certainly doesn’t look like chocolate as we know it, and it doesn’t smell like chocolate.  But it is called white chocolate, so isn’t it, indeed, chocolate? During the chocolate making process, cocoa butter becomes a by-product of the cocoa bean.  To create white chocolate, […]

An Interview with EHChocolatier

Elaine is the owner of EHChocolatier in Boston, Massachusetts.  We sat down to ask her a few questions about-what else?-chocolate. 1. What inspired your love of chocolate, and how did you get started? I was transitioning from my prior career in medicine and had enjoyed cooking as an avocation so I decided to attend culinary […]

Want S’more Chocolate?

In honor of National S’mores Day (which was yesterday), we are sharing some recipes for unique, but equally delicious, s’mores. Chocolate Strawberry: Graham crackers + marshmallow + strawberry preserves + chocolate (add a banana for an extra treat!) Grasshopper: Graham crackers + marshmallow + an Andes mint Turtle: Graham crackers + marshmallow + chocolate + […]