Perfect Pairing: Pretzel Crisps

When we tweeted at Pretzel Crisps with our address, we didn’t expect a hand delivered assortment of the yummy snack.

pretzel crisps delivery

We immediately got to work! Have you ever tried an Equal Exchange milk chocolate bar? If not, you are missing out on everything good. Combine this chocolate treat with some red wine Gouda from Cape Cod Winery and an Everything Pretzel Crisp. You will not regret it.

perfect chocolate pairing with cheese

perfect chocolate and cheese pairing

Then, we went apple picking. The tart addition with some sharp cheddar was fantastic, which was a huge hit around the office.

apples and chocolate

pairing chocolate with apples

How could we make this chocolate pairing even better, you ask? Add wine! Pretzel Crisps were quite a hit at our public chocolate and wine tasting in September. The deli flavors act as a palate cleanser and a savory snack all at once.

perfect wine pairing with chocolate

We can’t get enough Pretzel Crisps and neither can Boston Chocolate fans. Through the beginning of 2014, every tour will include samples as a special treat!

If you’re looking for a savory snack to pair with just about anything, get a little inspiration directly from the source.

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