Contest Winners–What Would You Trade For a Chocolate Tour?

Early last summer, we here at Boston Chocolate Tours ran a contest on Facebook where we asked our fans what they would trade for two free tickets to a chocolate tour of their choosing. While we had many creative and enticing entries, including quite a few wives offering their husbands as free labor, the winner we eventually  chose truly offered something unique. The offer was to have a special chocolate song written, performed, and recorded for Boston Chocolate Tours, and we jumped at the opportunity. Like any creative process, good things take time. That’s why, a year later, we are so very proud to share “Chocolat” by Nomad Dreams!

The songwriters, Georges Nile and Vlada Brofman, shared with us what it was like to write the song. As it turns out, they took to the challenge just like… chocoholics to chocolate!

“This song practically composed itself. From the moment we learned about the “chocolate” challenge, it took maybe an hour to write the lyrics… Probably, this has something to do with our special affinity for chocolate – in every form! The music took a little more time to figure out; we started with a more traditional tango feel which then transformed into a more modern samba,” says the duo.

They have already performed the song at events, festivals, and at local bars and restaurants, and always to a very warm reception.
“When we perform it, there’s a sense of restrained energy at the beginning, because it feels dramatic and mysterious, which then bursts out with the samba rhythm in the chorus. It’s one of our most life-affirming, sunny songs.”

Georges and Vlada will be joining us on the South End tour in the middle of July. Perhaps they will be able to teach our group the words to their wonderful song, and we’ll all be singing ‘Chocolat’ all along the way!

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