Is White Chocolate Chocolate?

Some people will argue white chocolate is not actually chocolate.  It certainly doesn’t look like chocolate as we know it, and it doesn’t smell like chocolate.  But it is called white chocolate, so isn’t it, indeed, chocolate?

During the chocolate making process, cocoa butter becomes a by-product of the cocoa bean.  To create white chocolate, the cocoa butter is combined with milk, sugar, and other flavoring ingredients, but none of the cocoa bean is included.  Some would consider white chocolate not chocolate because none of the cocoa solid is part of the end product.

However, if you were to smell cocoa beans and raw cocoa butter, it is the cocoa butter that would have the distinct chocolate smell.  The cocoa bean doesn’t smell sweet at all.  And cocoa butter did come from the cocoa bean.

So, is white chocolate chocolate?  You decide.

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