Want S’more Chocolate?

Smores stacked 300 Want Smore Chocolate?

In honor of National S’mores Day (which was yesterday), we are sharing some recipes for unique, but equally delicious, s’mores.

Chocolate Strawberry: Graham crackers + marshmallow + strawberry preserves + chocolate (add a banana for an extra treat!)

Grasshopper: Graham crackers + marshmallow + an Andes mint

Turtle: Graham crackers + marshmallow + chocolate + caramel + nuts

Peanut Butter Cup: Chocolate graham crackers + marshmallow + peanut butter, chocolate (or just put a peanut butter cup in the middle)

Nutella: Graham crackers + marshmallow + Nutella

Oreo Cookie: Chocolate graham crackers + white chocolate + marshmallow + Oreo cookie crumble

You can also substitute dark chocolate for milk chocolate in any of the recipes for a more decadent dish.

So grab yourself a stick and start roasting!

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