Maria’s Pastry Shop – An Authentic Italian Bakery

Our Partner of the Week this week is Maria’s Pastry Shop, one of the wonderful stops on our Faneuil Hall / North End Boston Chocolate Tour.

Maria was only 14 years old when she began working at this bakery.  Every day after school, Maria would head to the bakery to help the owner and baker, and when he decided that it was time to retire, Maria had acquired enough capital and knowledge of the business to buy the bakery.  For the past 30 years, Maria has been running the bakery as her own family establishment, and during the Big Dig hers was the only business in the area to remain open and feed the workers each day for lunch.  If you’re looking for an authentic taste of Old World Italy right here in Boston, you  have to visit Maria’s.

A Phantom Gourmet Hidden Jewel:

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